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June 29, 2009

“I remember him for being an absolute lunatic… The good kind.”

In its “Folks of Interest” column, The Jalopy Journal evaluates the “Target Speed 29 Palms: The Guerilla Renaissaince is Now!” essay, excerpted from the book Top Fuel Wormhole: The Cole Coonce Drag Strip Reader.

To wit: “I remember him for being an absolute lunatic… The good kind. He thought differently than most, worked differently than just about everybody, and defined the very essence of a “maverick.” Put simply, “Jocko” was an eccentric… a very mysterious eccentric.”

Among the Jalopy Journal reader’s comments:  “‘HOLY CRAP! Who the hell is Cole Coonce? That is bad ass. I particularly enjoyed ‘drag racing is much more punk rock that any slacker gen X shithead with an out of tune guitar.’ Truer words may have never been spoken.” (There is also a small debate in the comments section about how much Hunter S. Thompson influenced Coonce’s work.)

(Top Fuel Wormhole can be found at, and AutoAero Books)

June 18, 2009

Top Fuel Wormhole Now Available at Autobooks-Aerobooks

In addition to its availability on Amazon and, legendary independent bookstore “Autobooks-Aerobooks” (“In Burbank Since 1951!”) is now carrying Cole Coonce’s Top Fuel Wormhole. Readers can place their order online, here: Autobooks-Aerobooks.

Or those who want to motor down to the actual bricks and mortar location of “the oldest and largest automotive bookstore in the US” and open up their wallet and purchase a copy of the book should shuttle their steed to 3524 W. Magnolia Blvd. Burbank, CA 91505. In lieu of that, call the store at (818) 845-0707.

June 17, 2009

Is Top Fuel Wormhole an alternative NHRA history?

Is Top Fuel Wormhole an alternative NHRA history? Could Steve Jobs save drag racing? Or is too late? digs into the Top Fuel Wormhole with talk of Jocko Johnson, The Surfers, and “Wild Bill” Alexander — the outside, bizarre and death-defying figures who once defined drag racing….

Listen to the interview with Cole Coonce here:

(Top Fuel Wormhole can be found on and

June 13, 2009

DragFink’s View From Inside The Top Fuel Wormhole

In a piece he calls “Top Fuel Worm Hole……Shot, ” artist Jeffrey DeGrandis (aka “Drag Fink”) takes an omniscient look at the tear in the fabric of Cole Coonce’s drag strip space-time continuum….

"Top Fuel Wormhole...shot" by Jeff DeGrandis