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June 29, 2009

“I remember him for being an absolute lunatic… The good kind.”

In its “Folks of Interest” column, The Jalopy Journal evaluates the “Target Speed 29 Palms: The Guerilla Renaissaince is Now!” essay, excerpted from the book Top Fuel Wormhole: The Cole Coonce Drag Strip Reader.

To wit: “I remember him for being an absolute lunatic… The good kind. He thought differently than most, worked differently than just about everybody, and defined the very essence of a “maverick.” Put simply, “Jocko” was an eccentric… a very mysterious eccentric.”

Among the Jalopy Journal reader’s comments:  “‘HOLY CRAP! Who the hell is Cole Coonce? That is bad ass. I particularly enjoyed ‘drag racing is much more punk rock that any slacker gen X shithead with an out of tune guitar.’ Truer words may have never been spoken.” (There is also a small debate in the comments section about how much Hunter S. Thompson influenced Coonce’s work.)

(Top Fuel Wormhole can be found at, and AutoAero Books)